Is your husband playing around with prostitutes? Look at this discussion below

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    He still wants the benefits but would rather seek out a willing me than rock the boat by sharing his frustration. Im not a long-term investment and need less maintenance both emotionally and financially, whether or not I’m seeing him for money or seeing him just for fun, I’m his spare tyre who is (sometimes painfully) at his beck and call for fantasy fulfilment and emotional support. Where you happen to be a full-time profession with great rewards and insurance, I'm an hourly temp job.

    He feels much more comfy telling me things he doesn’t have the confidence to admit to you, I am essentially a youthful, great-looking therapist but in contrast to professionally-qualified therapists, he gets to f*ck me and make me perform particular sexual acts that he doesn't feel comfortable asking his wife to do

    He may possibly be replacing a habit or channelling his craving for other vices towards another form of self-destructive behaviour. If he has a history of gambling, alcoholism or a drug dependancy, it really is expected of him to channel this pleasure-seeking energy towards me. He has a saviour complex that makes him feel great supporting me financially to whatever extent he does while also enjoying the 'No Strings Attached' intercourse arrangement, It really is mutually advantageous.

    He has a Madonna-whore complex and places you in the Madonna category, he doesn’t think of the mother of his children in the same sexual way he might have during hot hotel intercourse with a person like me who asks little of him. He is excited by the risk and might not even be seeing me for me at all since it’s about indulging in a thrill-seeking risk. Some guys try their best not to get caught but some I've seen enjoy flirting with disaster a little bit} specially if he is paying me hush-money.

    He understands I’m jealous of the "woman at home" role but prepared to settle for his side-chick simply because that’s all I can get, he exploits that want and manipulates me emotionally and that is why once in a blue moon he will make up stories for his spouse just to take me on a intimate weekend away. over that weekend, if he gets a sniffle, he’ll ditch the intimate weekend with me in a second to come and be with you. He’s afraid of your wrath and does not give a sh*t about me, if you call to let him know that he has to go home to let the plumber in between 2-5, he’ll cancel our earlier booked 3pm 1hr fling. He forgets that as an escort he had booked a week earlier, I was looking forward to and relying on that 1hr appointment primarily for the cash to feed my little one as a single parent or pay my tuition fees.

    In a nutshell, I am never, can never and will never be a threat to you, he madly adores you and I’m just an enjoyable hobby he ditches when serious issues arise.....I hope you dont blame me, those are the cards I was dealt and Im doing my best with a bad hand.... THE INCALL FLAT WORKING GIRLS: Researched by Londons fun girls