As an elite working girl, I will tell you something about your husband

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    Their other halves may not be open to discussion or they themselves not knowing what the reaction would be if they brought it up. The majority of the guys will make extreme efforts not go get caught because in spite of what females usually imagine they do love their partners and do not want to hurt them, but also don't want to have to get divorced due to a mismatch in the bed room.
    trying to understand that your companion slept with a escort of whom he held NO EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENTS, is a good start.

    A mismatch in the bed room may mean a handful of issues:
    1): Is he getting enough sex ?
    2): Has he got a fetish that is catered for by somebody else?
    3): Is he open to you? Is he getting good sex (and this will vary from partner to partner) a BJ and missionary to climax will be sex but might not be his idea of ideal sex¦
    In the points above, doing many different things or even divorce is not the answer, the answer is in tactfully digging to find out what makes him tick, it could be as basic as a desire to have kinky sex or a fetish you may find interesting too.

    When you finally learn of what makes him tick or what he has been yarning, the real question arises:
    Are you willing to 'fill the gap' or not?€ the answer to this question will determine on what track your relationship goes from here.

    A): If you want to fill the gap:
    Understanding that he saw escorts discreetly and did not have an emotional affair which can mean that he most probably still loves you to bits and had not way of explaining this weird craving. Dont throw blame, If you look at it as though it was just the lack of communication for whatever reason, your relationship will rekindle or grow into this more loving relationship.

    B): If you do not intend to fill the gap:
    Then it is a bit complicated, you may possibly have to understand that he will continue sleeping with prostitutes regardless of what HE says now (he may even really believe that he can stop), but he WILL do it again. Women are right in saying that once a man is a cheater he will always be a cheater unfortunately they generally miss or do not want to know the cause behind it. rejecting this new side to him as you have now come to know him will make him even more discreet and you'll end up parting later, If you can not be the solution for the man you love in this new light and you can not settle for him receiving his fill elsewhere, then get a divorce NOW. If you seperate however, and you end up finding someone else, make sure you are ready to dig deep into their bedroom needs and fulfill them or this will occur yet again in one form or another.

    A mans bedroom desires WILL be taken care of one way or another, different men deal with these situations differently, some turn to drink, some get violent, some have fully fledged affairs, and some sleep with prostitutes. HE SUGGESTED WE HEADED UP TO THE ROOM WHICH WAS QUIETER…: A babe’s story of her first escorting booking.

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